Wednesday, October 24, 2012

Social Media

As we are trying more ways to reach our potential clients, we've really branched out into the social media.  Social media is a great way to get our name out there. We are an extremely visual company and any way we can showcase our work helps you as the consumer. 

Most homeowners want to see and feel exactly what it is that a concrete company/construction company can produce.  Which is exactly what they should be doing.  Concrete Arts has tried to make this helpful for consumers over the years.  We have a large driveway area that shows a 10x10 section of each stamp pattern that we offer with many different color options.  We also offer an upstairs and downstairs showroom that houses all different types of countertops and flooring options.  Soon we hope to finish our "back" showroom that will provide even more samples to help the client visualize our concrete in their home.

But we do realize that coming to our showroom isn't always feasible.  Or even desired especially when you just want to "check it out."  With that said, we've really tried to develop our Website, Facebook and blog to help in those areas.  Another area that we've jumped to is called Houzz.  Houzz is basically website to gather ideas for your project you have coming up or just dreaming up.

With all of this being said, we at Concrete Arts want to make you aware of all the options you do have when researching and planning out your new home or remodel.  Make sure and check out companies online and go visit them.  This way you know exactly what you are getting for the quality of work.  The time up front will be time saved in the long run. 

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