Thursday, July 23, 2009

New Website is Finally Up!

This has been a long awaited moments. The new and definitely improved Concrete Arts website is up.

The new site was designed to allow the consumer to view as many projects without getting overwhelmed. With hopes to inspire new ideas for your home or work place, this site features elements that allow for minds to wonder with thoughts on how to create your new patio, walkway, countertop, driveway, Fireplace etc.

Browse through the site and let us know how you feel. Suggestions are always welcomed.

Carly Dus
Concrete Arts

Wednesday, July 15, 2009

Cigar Shop - Stamped

We just finished up a great decorative stamping project here in Hudson, WI. A Cigar Shop owner came to Concrete Arts hoping to get help to improve his patio for the store. The space wasn't large but it did need an uplift. In the process of planning, an idea came about to simulate a cigar which then evolved into a cigar box. Needless to say, the Cigar Shop now has a great looking pattern that is customized just to them, their own cigar box patio.

To add to the overall effect and theme of cigars, Concrete Arts precasted a cigar stair that leads to the patio.

The back patio looks great and is definitely a conversation starter for those sharing in the fun.

Carly Dus
Concrete Arts

Tuesday, July 7, 2009

Outdoor Stamped Concrete

I personally love camp fires. Hanging out with Family and Friends, telling stories, eating s'mores. So after a long, joyous July 4th weekend at the lake, it only seemed like perfect timing to post a project we just finished with stamped concrete around a Fire pit as well as other areas around the house.

This project in Stillwater, MN encompassed many natural, unique elements with Concrete. We stamped a patio and fireplace, and precasted architectural landscaped stairs. The patio was an Old Granite seamless texture that complimented the homes focal point, an Arizona Flagstone stamped Fire pit. To get from the the fire pit to the patio, we precasted concrete stairs. These stepping stairs are 5 inches thick with a hand chiseled edge to match the retaining wall. These three concrete elements enhanced the homes architectural landscaping appeal. See the pictures below.

Carly Dus

Concrete Arts