Tuesday, August 18, 2009

Exterior of your home

Concrete Arts encompasses every aspect of Interior and Exterior surfacing including one of the most important element to a home, siding.

Many common types of siding are going to be wood, vinyl, aluminum, brick, stone, stucco and a few more options. Another alternative is a Concrete Art product, Karvkrete. Karvekrete is going to have similarities of Cement Fiber Siding. However, there are many differences.

Karvekrete is a decorative, integrally colored concrete plaster finish for interior and exterior use. It creates an “old-world” look and emulates antique and textured stones. Concrete Arts finished a project a while back for a homes exterior. Take at look at the photos below and explore what Karvekrete is all about.

Carly Dus
Concrete Arts

Tuesday, August 11, 2009

Sandscape Driveway

I had an opportunity to check out a beautiful past project we did around White Bear Lake in MN a couple years ago. The project was a Revealed surface on a driveway. The project itself held a very unique element along with a gorgeous application process of a Revealed. The color and texture add so much subtle dimension to the exterior landscaping of the home.

How the driveway was laid out just shows how a little creativity can add so mush depth and beauty to a home. This home is truly unique because of this driveway. It allows for guests to wonder about the beauty that lies within the home when driving/walking to the home.

See the great pictures below.

Carly Dus

Concrete Arts