Thursday, May 7, 2009

Stamped Concrete - Seamless Texture

As we've been exploring the different options with decorative stamped concrete, I think its important to realize the main options that you can choose from. Many times stamped concrete looks are split up into 3 categories.

1. Seamless textures
2. Patterns
3. Borders

These three categories can be combined to display different looks. For example Borders will enhance a seamless texture, or patterns and seamless textures are combined in an "every other" pattern.

Because there are so many different options and combinations, today I'll focus and show just Seamless textures. Below is a close up and a broad look at a seamless texture. As you can see there are no defining stamped patterns.

Seamless Texture
Seamless textures also allows for creativity with dyes and stains. You can be subtle with the stain or dye you use or you can get creative with your design like the pictures below. Either way, its important to remember and realize decorative stamping and staining can reflect your personality and how you want to portray your home.

Decorative Stains
Carly Dus
Concrete Arts

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